September Update on turnout Retooling

September Update on turnout Retooling

We spent some time today putting together a pair of #6 turnouts , one left and one right. These are assembled using a jig that holds the copper clad ties and rails in place while soldering with a resistance soldering iron. You can see in the first two pictures how these look with the ties unpainted.

#6 Left Hand Turnout

S Scale #6 Left Hand Switch

#6 Right Hand Turnout
S Scale #6 Right Hand Switch
These turnouts will be gapped on both sides of the frog and then tested against shorts. They are 100% DCC friendly as delivered. We have tested these with NASG gauges and run trucks through them to be sure they will work well on your layout.

Laser Cut Ties

We came across a problem when we attempted to use the laser cut ties originally designed by Tomalco. Unfortunately, as can be seen below, the tie spacing on those ties does not match the spacing of our new jigs.

S Scale #6 Left Hand Switch on Ties.
We will be reaching out to anyone who has ordered turnouts to show them this issue and determine if they are OK with this for their layout. Otherwise we will need to redesign our laser cut ties to work with this new layout. These turnouts can be used without laser cut ties and are available on our web site now. Click here to order turnouts without ties. We will post an update when new laser cut ties are available for our new turnouts.
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