Turnout Retooling Process

Turnout Retooling Process

We are working to retool all of our turnout products at this time. This new method will use PC Board ties to set the gauge of the turnout at key locations. This will produce more reliable turnouts going forward. We are currently ready to build #6 and #8 left and right turnouts in Code 83. 

The following assembly jigs have been ordered.

  • #6 Wye
  • #4 Left and Right
  • #4 Wye

These are all for Code 83 rail as that has been the most popular request recently. We can still build turnouts the old way if you wish, but you must contact us first so we can determine if we can fill your order. If you are looking for a difference size and/or code rail, please contact us and we can add that tooling to our future upgrades.

We are also retooling our turnouts ties to work around these PC Board ties. We will have more information available soon.

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